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Cambridge based Tim Williams has some thirty years of cycling and triathlon experience, and over fifteen of those have been in a coaching capacity - with athletes of all ages and abilities. Amongst the many things that he has learned during that time is not to assume that everyone's needs are the same. So rather than off-the-shelf training plans or packages he offers a range of custom services based on your requirements.

Having studied and analysed cycling technique and bike setup as a rider and a coach, and then seen the difference that his setups made to those he was coaching, Tim started a bike fitting service in Cambridge towards the end of 2011. Since then he has done over 800 fittings for racers, time triallists, triathletes, tourists, club riders, commuters, professionals, amateurs, children and novices.



Tim's coaching philosophy is education and empowerment.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime (Proverb)


“I’m passionate about good technique. Apart from leading to better performances and results, good technique is usually safer (fewer crashes & injuries), more satisfying and long lasting.”

Coaching and Mentoring

In line with my philosophy I help you to understand how to get and the best from your training in the short term, mid term and, most of all, the long term. In the first instance we'll need to spend some time talking and I'll need to see you in action. Once I understand where you are at, where you've come from and where you want to go we can work out how I might be able to help you. That might be one-off, occasional or regular face-to-face work, regular consultations to help you manage your training and racing programme, more intensive help with your day-to-day programme or even several days in a training camp environment.

"I completed the triathlons that I had set myself and with your early season guidance saw much improvement on last year."

"Thanks - your training and assistance changed my life."

Technique Analysis and Development

Practise makes perfect - but only if what you are practising is perfect. Practise makes permanent, or at least habitual. What's more, if you practise poor technique you'll compete with poor technique. And that's a waste of your two most precious commodities: time and energy.

Great swimming, cycling and running techniques make sense. There are no marks for style, or bonus points for technique with a high tariff. Good techniques simply help you to go faster, for longer, with less effort, less discomfort and less risk of damaging yourself or anything else. Unlike many triathlon coaches I have a deep understanding of swimming, cycling and running technique: from the basics to the highest level.

Top quality technique coaching probably has the biggest payback of any investment in your own training.

"Came 4th just now in round 3 of Halfords tour series! Got some tv time! Think the cornering practise helped. Thanks!"

Group coaching

My services are not limited to individual athletes. In many cases a small group provides a better learning and development environment. There are limits to how much you can learn about cycling in a group, for example, if you are on your own!

If you are interested in arranging coaching for your friends or your club I'll be happy to discuss a range of options. You can share the cost too!

Bike fitting

When your bike fits you cycling is a real pleasure. Once youíre on it you donít want to get off. Going uphill feels fantastic, going downhill feels even better. Riding out of the saddle feels powerful and relaxed, riding in the saddle feels efficient and aerodynamic.

If your back aches or your neck aches, if your hands are sore or your thighs burn, if you struggle to ride for long on your drops or your tribars, if you feel nervous riding fast downhill or in a group, if you slow down when you get out of the saddle or if you've simply had enough after an hour itís probably because your bike doesn't fit you properly, or youíre trying to use the wrong technique.

If I hadn't seen it myself so many times I wouldn't believe how much difference I can make to someoneís cycling. You can be aerodynamic, or generate a lot of power, but if you are not comfortable, relaxed and in control you probably wonít be able to carry on for long enough to take advantage.

" [Riding my bike] certainly felt faster and, more importantly, maintaining the higher speed seemed much easier. So, I’m really pleased with the result; I just wish I’d done it earlier."

"I keep meaning to email you and now the season is winding down I find that I have the time. I obtained 5 pbs on my time trials this year out of just 5 time trials and all my duathlons I raced this year were pbs also (5). "

"I completed my first tri of the year and beat my time from last year by more than 10 minutes so happy with that as a season opener"

"What can I say feels so good to have a bike that fits so well! Literally knocked of 11 minutes off my journey back to Newmarket.."

" I found the session very interesting and since talking to you have discovered that my bike really likes going round corners, much faster than before too. "

Cycling Weekly sent its Secret Shopper for a bike fit: you can read what he wrote (and my response) here.


Besides helping athletes Iím equally passionate about helping coaches Ė especially, but not exclusively, coaches working with young athletes. Time and time again I see the enormous impact that coaching has, not just on performance and results, but on peoplesí lives; both massively positive and, all too often, crushingly negative. As a coach mentor I can help you develop your coaching beyond the processes that you learn in your coach education courses.

"Thank you so much ... for Saturday. It was great to learn so much and every athlete really enjoyed it and felt they gained lots from it."
Bex Milnes - coach


If your club, organisation or business is missing some aspect of knowledge or expertise we might just be able to help you. Between us we have over fifty years experience of triathlon and cycling in elite, professional and club environments as athletes, coaches, organisers, administrators and leaders, and with athletes of all ages and abilities, we have a rare depth and breadth of knowledge, insight and understanding of the multi-sport world.


"Thanks so much for your input on my TT stuff. Really helped with my confidence with it"
- Will Clarke (Olympian and World U23 Triathlon Champion)

"Tim Williams has helped me massively in terms of developing my swim and bike technical skills – I definitely learn something every time I pick his brains"
- Lucy Gossage (Winner Challenge Barcelona, European Duathlon Champion)

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