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On my Blog

Thoughts and Essays on Triathlon and Cycling


Cycling Technique


LFC Pedalling

Riding out of the Saddle

Cornering and Descending

More on descending (professionals in action)

Bike Size and Fit

More on Bike Fitting (Cycling Weekly article)

Winter Cycling



Running Technique

Thoughts on Running Technique


Triathlon Technique

Professional Transtions

Some thoughts on Drafting Triathlon


Cardiovascular training.

Training Zones


Articles for TriNews

TriNews is the magazine of the British Triathlon Federation. After stepping in at the eleventh hour with an article to fill the coaching pages in the 2005 British Triathlon handbook I was asked to writing a regular coaching page for TriNews. I wrote one for each bi-monthly issue during 2005.

Here they are…

Are you exercising or training?

Free time

Drafting races

Base Training

High intensity training



Here are a few interesting items from elsewhere.

Hard cycling (John Forrester) [Link to JohnForrester.com seems to be broken - thanks to Google.com I have a local copy]

KOPS (Keith Bontrager)

Power Cranks (Frank Day)

Swimming Videos & Analysis (Rein Haljand)


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