You want to know how much we charge. (Please note that we put our prices up slightly in January 2016)

Firstly we don't offer off-the-shelf packages or training programmes. We may agree, after consultation, that a longitudinal approach is a good solution and, if so, we'll agree an appropriate monthly rate.

Face-to-face coaching or consulting:

- £40/hour for weekday appointments and £50/hour for weekend appointments in Cambridge

- please enquire about appointments away from Cambridge

Bike fitting:

- £90 (weekdays) or £130 (weekend). The cost to you might end up being more if you require any new parts such as a handlebar stem or seatpost. Of course, any additional expense is entirely up to you.

- Second setup for half price - should you require more than more than one bike to be set up, or require a double setup on the same bike (i.e. 'road' and 'time trial'). Please discuss your requirements with us in advance.


If you are interested in organising a session for a group or club please contact us.


We accept payment by cash, credit and debit card, cheque and bank transfer. We also accept payment by Paypal using this page.

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